About Katie Spain

Katie Spain is a journalist, wine writer and features writer for News Corp’s SA Weekend Magazine, and Wine Business Magazine Australia.

She is also the author of co-author author of Adelaide Central Market: Stories, People & Recipes (out now) and the author of The Producers: A Taste of South Australia.

Katie grew up on a dairy farm in South Australia but found her writing groove (and a serious shoe addiction) in London where she worked in digital music and West End theatre journalism. She dabbled in Sydney’s world of commercial radio before heading back to Adelaide to concentrate on cumulating keyboard strokes. Mostly, she writes about local treasures and ordinary folk with extraordinary lives but also has a thing for food, wine, good times and the odd creative side project involving wet paint. A travel bug at heart, she scours the globe for ultimate writer’s retreats and her very own bestseller. She likes wearing glitter, strange hats and ridiculously bright clothes and will continue to do so until she’s old and grey.

Contact: katiespainwrites@gmail.com
Twitter: @katie_spain
Instagram: @katiespainwrites


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